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POE 3.7 Trickster Important Build - CI CoC Discharge, Uber Elder, All Content Guide

Hi and welcome to my CI CoC Discharge build guide! In 2.2 when Ascendancy launched I posted a forum guide on a CI version of CoC Discharge with Occultist Ascendancy that worked seriously nicely for many content folks. Nonetheless, since it was seriously nerfed in 2.4 I in no way touched it once again. Rather I focused more on Mjolner through all these years basically for the reason that Mjolner primarily based builds presented at the least some defenses (looking at you Juggernaut). I was in a position to track down in the vast history of PoE that CoC CI Discharge builds started to show additional in 2.1 played largely by 2 streamers: Etup and baked chicken. This was actually common construct back then and actually shined until two.4 nerf hammer hit the ground.

Issues are diverse now and CI CoC Discharge is viable once more, offering similar lvl of survivability as Mjolner but with greater DPS.

+ 1.2mil+ sustained real Shaper DPS in a final build (1.4mil+ with Vagan Dagg…

POE 3.7 Berserker Hot Build - Cyclone, Friendly, Higher Survivability Develop Guide

I put this create collectively a couple days ago. The cost of all the gear, jewels, flasks, every little thing is significantly less than 1ex. I used this create to complete my 1st ever Red Elder and Shaper kills, only died when utilizing this create and it was just a stupid mistake on Shaper. This can probably be my league starter from now on. If there is interest within the build, I'll do a complete write-up, post a PoB, videos and invest currency to min/max also as show this Poe budget choice. If not, no harm no foul. I only took some recordings of me doing Red Elder/Guardians and Shaper for the examples for this post to determine if there was interest.

Fundamental Idea: Bloodseeker (along with other stuff) survivability + Zerker (as well as other stuff) DPS. If it can not one-shot you, and you may hit one thing, you cannot die. With up to 20+ APS that you are consistently obtaining substantial ticks from Bloodseeker (most important cause we are a Berserker). 

I know you…

POE 3.7 Deadeye Popular Build - Kinetic Blast/Barrage, Uber Elder Guide

Kinetic Blast has been nerfed twice. Initial time in 3.four when it got significantly less location damage and explosions have been changed to prevent shotgunning close to walls. Then in 3.7 when abyssal jewels have been all lowered down by at least 30%.  So what's the state of KB Wanders now? I should say I delved rather deep into the creation to answer the question. Along with the brief answer is: nevertheless viable. Still performing the job. Still high-priced. Nevertheless desires barrage for Uber Elder. Nonetheless, ridiculous aoe which 1 shots almost everything offscreen, still insanely exciting!

The purpose of your creation was to make a TANKY, High dps character capable to perform ALL content, and not just silly currency farming. The basic target was to attain at least 1 million shaper dps on KB, but at some point I surpassed it and now sitting on 2 million KB dps at the same time as almost 5 million for Barrage.

+ Extremely large AOE and fantastic clea…

Most Popular POE 3.7 Trickster Build - Divine Ire High Shaper Damage Guide

This build is expensive and not a league starter.

+ 1 Shots pretty much everything
+ Decent clear speed
+ Satisfying explosions
- Careful gameplay required
- Expensive
- Cannot run elemental reflect and no regen maps

1. Harness the Void
2. Swift Killer
3. Ghost Dance
4. Escape Artist

BANDITS: Kill all, For 2 Skill Points

Major God - Soul of Lunaris
Minor God - Soul of Shakari or Soul of Tukohama


Divine Ire - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction - Energy Leech - Cold to Fire

Herald of Ice - Hatred - Wrath - Enlighten

Wither - Spell Totem - Multiple Totems - Increased Duration

Cast When Damage Taken - Increased Duration - Immortal - Summon Lightning

Orb of Storms - Curse on Hit - Assassin's Mark

Flame Dash - Enhance - Arcane Surge


The Shaper's Realm

T16 Maze of the Minotaur

T16 Pit of the Chimera

T16 Forge of the Phoenix

T16 Lair of the Hydra

POE 3.7 Slayer Hot Build - Phys Stacking, Wildstriker All Content Guide

This really makes guide stray away in the standard builds this league including cyclone/essence drain. Etc and come up with my personal wild strike create that I've been thinking about creating for any extended time. This build is capable of carrying out almost everything in the game. But takes a tiny bit extra of a brain to work at its full possible in comparison with cyclone. 

Wild strike is by far a additional fun talent to work with than a lot of the melee abilities which are out. And pretty flashy also. 

Why Slayer?
A lot of boss harm, stun immunity, bleed immunity, and tons of life leech! You could possibly surely make this build using a Poe unique ascendency but for the purposes, I stated above. Slayer appears to work just fine. 

+ Fast clearing
+ Easy to scale harm
+ Plenty of Deeps
+ Very versatile in gem links/gearing
+ Build works without a headhunter xD
- Reflect ele mod is not viable
- Can be squishy depending on if you want max dps
- Can get pricey when mi…

POE 3.7 Assassin Most Popular Build - Vaal Ice Nova, Vaal Blade Vortex + Herald of Ice Proliferate Guide

We use Hatred and phys>Cold conversion for Blade vortex, which results in all three of these skills conveniently scaling off mostly the same types of damage where it counts, but to really make it easy, we are playing assassin and mostly scale our damage via crit chance and crit multi.

1. Herald of Ice
Back before the Beacon of Ruin nerf, Elementalist had some fun interactions with a series of specific skill combos that enabled them to chain Herald of Ice explosions across packs, meaning killing just 1 monster in a pack proceeded to delete the whole pack.

Tonnes of fun, but it got nerfed.Well. It's back baby. This time we pull the trick off in a much less silly and much less indirect way. How? Simple, we make Herald of Ice have a 100% crit chance, and do enough damage to one-shot trash. Or at least 1~3 shot trash.

This is tricky because Herald of Ice actually has a base crit chance of 0%, so we need a decent chunk of +% base crit chance. Luckily, Assassin's Deadly Infusion…

POE 3.7 Occultist Low Life Cold Build - Vortex + Cold Snap Guide

I've been playing DoT Occultist builds since Betrayal league. It's been buffed, nerfed but still remain a very viable and chill boss killer build. I'm usually making one in every single league just to farm bosses. Let's don't waste any more time and jump into the guide.

+ Tanky
+ Decent DoT dps (1 million shaper dps)
+ Very chill playstyle similar to totem builds
+ Budget viable
+ HC Viable
- Can't do no ES regen maps (60% less ES recovery and ele reflect maps are also hard)
- Low life version is kinda expensive
- Dexterity and Strength requirements can be hard to obtain
- Not the fastest map clearer build

1. Vile Bastion 
(1% of Energy Shield Regenerated per second for each, Enemy you or your Minions have killed recently, up to 10% Cannot be Stunned while you have energy shield.)

2. Void Beacon
(Nearby Enemies have - 20% to cold resistance, Nearby Enemies have - 20% to Chaos Resistance, Nearby Enemies have 100% reduced life Regeneration rate.)

3. …

Most Popular POE 3.7 Slayer Build - Blade Flurry + Frost Blades All Content Guide

This build is good clearspeed, and if you are looking for a build which can melt bosses and have a good clearspeed, you're in a good place. This build is introduced Slayer Frost Blades + Blade Flurry I used as a league starter for 3.7 Legion.

Pros & Cons:
+ Top DPS on bosses
+ Good clearspeed
+ Stun and bleed immunities
+ Over Leech
+ Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics
- Not top op clearspeed
- Mele build
- Need one 6L + one pseudo 6L/7L 
- 111 Intelligence and 183 Dexterity
- 5 off colors on a dex body armour 

1. Endless Hunger
2. Brutal Fervour
3. Overwhelm
4. Headsman

Kill them all.

Major God - Soul of Lunaris
Minor God - Soul of Ralakesh


Gems Setup:
Blade Flurry - Melee Physical Damage - Concentrated Effect - Damage on Full Life - Infused Channelling - Fortify

Forst Blades - Melee Physical Damage - Ancestral Call - Fortify

Ancestral Protector - Multiple Totems - Culling Strike - Precision

Hatred - Herald of Purity - Herald of Ice - Enlighte…

POE 3.7 Ascendant Volatile Dead, Uber Elder Deathless Frenzy Build Detailed Guide

Since the nerf Poet's Pen needs investment in attack speed to get to proc cap. Before it needed 0 investment in attack speed, you actually needed to be careful and not to go over proc CD accidentally. Other OP interactions were nerfed and Volatile Dead itself got a slight nerf too in 3.6.

I chose Ascendant because it has the best combination of damage, survivability, and utility for my taste. There are many more possible variations within Ascendant(for example with Might of the Meek and Unnatural Instinct) and with other classes. For example Inquisitor, Trickster, Elementalist, Slayer, Raider, Chieftain. Each has its own pros and cons. In the end, they all should perform fairly similar. One was easier to get attack speed, while the other raw damage. Feel free to adapt.

Pros & Cons:
+ Relatively tanky
+ Mobile
+ Good dps
+ Super fun to play
+ Does not need any stat investment on gear.
- heavy flask usage
- needs to build enabling items

Pathfinder -> Path of the Ranger ->…

POE 3.7 - Latest, Most Popular ED Trickster Build - High DPS Guide

This is my take on ED-Contagion trickster. It focuses on much more defenses than other ED guides you will find out there while achieving similar to higher damage numbers. While there are many other ED guides out there, the concepts shown here are the ones that prove to work best overall. This build has around 1.1M ED dps, 7k EHP and 2k effective regeneration per second. As any ed build, it relies on Essence drain and contagion for map clear and regeneration. It also has a 6 free sockets in your chest where you can put any chaos dot skill to effectively double your dps.

PoB Link:

Pros & Cons:
+ Fast mapper
+ All endgame bosses viable, including deep delve bosses.
+ Hardcore viable
+ Cheap, clear upgrade path. Shaper 3EX, uber elder 8EX.
+ Obliterates monoliths.

- Doesn't do the deepest delve bosses
- You are a meta slave
- performs really poorly in the timeless domain

1. Patient Reaper
2. Ghost Dance
3. Escape Artist
4. Prolonged Pain


Top 5 POE 3.7 Gladiator Build - Most Popular Gems Skill Guide

Top 1 - POE 3.7 Gladiator Build - Cyclone GuideTop 2 - POE 3.7 Gladiator Build - Lacerate GuideTop 3 - POE 3.7 Gladiator Build - Bladestorm GuideTop 4 - POE 3.7 Gladiator Build - Ancestral Warchief GuideTop 5 - POE 3.7 Gladiator Build - Blade Flurry Guide

Top 1 - POE 3.7 Gladiator Build - Cyclone GuideThis build allows you to clear all the content with the very cheap stuff. Cyclone has been buffed with 3.7, so we will use the new flat physical added on the skill with Facebreaker gloves. These gloves allow you to DPS without any weapon, just take a shield and you're good to go.
Pros & Cons: + Good clearspeed + Tanky + Delve-friendly  + Can do all content + Easy gearing choice since there is a lot of resist in the tree + Up to 79% Attack & Spell block - Can't do Physical reflect maps
Ascendancy: 1. Arena Challenger 2. Painforged 3. Versatile Combatant 4. Violent Retaliation
Bandits:  Help Oak
Pantheon: Major God - Soul of Lunaris Minor God - Soul of Gruthkul
Gems Setup:  BodyArmour Vaal…