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Escape from Tarkov - Indoor Combat Considerations and Techniques

The valuable things in the Escape from Tarkov game are often hidden in the building. After entering the building, the fighting distance between players will be greatly reduced. What should players pay attention to in indoor battles? Please see the indoor combat precautions and techniques of "Escape from Tarkov" by Eznpc. I hope to bring some help to the players.

I believe that everyone has mastered the ability to initially accumulate funds, but many new players still have such problems: they already have good equipment and good guns, but they still come out for nothing; they can't beat other people 's good equipment and bring it Belt, creating a vicious circle makes new players timid.

In this article, I will talk about how to Escape from Takorv to conduct CQB operations indoors!

Before the game starts, let's introduce it. The so-called CQB basically includes various close-combat skills, gun equipment, equipment wearing, personnel formation, combat position, firep…

6 Hidden Rules Guide in Escape from Tarkov

A Russian game is on fire. Escape from Tarkov, a game with new gameplay and fun, has become popular all over the world recently. The experience of super hardcore games has been sought after by many players. In this way, a situation similar to the previous PUBG also appeared. Chinese players have gradually entered the game, so Xiuduo foreign players even called for the official blockade of the Chinese region.

But for many new players of Escape from Tarkov, the game experience is really bad, and sometimes they just disappear when they enter the game. In fact, this kind of situation is very common, because, in the game Escape from Tarkov, the birth point of the player entering the game is basically fixed, but due to the delay problem, the player enters the game in a different order, and the advanced players who preferentially enter the game will choose the birth point. Squat aside for a while, so that you have the opportunity to squat to the player who enters the game slowly, and then ki…

Why escape from tarkov is very popular right now?

Within the final week of 2019, a practically 3-year-old video game called Escape From Tarkov rocketed to the leading of Twitch. It hurtled past names like League of Legends, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and in some cases Fortnite to develop into the most-viewed title around the world's most well-liked game streaming platform. Escape from Tarkov has undoubtedly grown to be among the hottest games over a previous couple of months as additional and more prime streamers have started playing the game frequently. So why is Escape from Tarkov so well known now? Why did Escape from Tarkov take so long and is now well-known? And why has the group of developers behind it, a Russian-based group referred to as Battlestate Games, turn out to be so controversial?

Mainly because the latest significant update introduced a massive new map and also the hideout mechanics. Let's have a look at several of the motives why Escape from Tarkov is so well-known.

Escape from Tarkov is usually a su…

Where can I buy the trusted Escape from Tarkov Roubles?

Escape from Tarkov is actually a hardcore and realistic on the web first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO functions plus a story-driven walkthrough. In Escape from Tarkov, you will find different currencies, and each of them is utilized to buy products from a specific dealer. Listed here are the Escape from Tarkov currencies as well as the dealers that accept them.

In Escape from Tarkov Currency have Roubles, Euros, US Dollars and Bitcoin. Roubles would be the most typical currency that will very easily be identified in safes and other many areas. Accepted by Prapor, Therapist, Fence, Skier, Mechanic, and Ragman. Euros are located in safes at modest amounts but largely exchanged for Roubles by Skier. It could be applied to purchase from Skier and Therapist. US Dollars are located in safes at tiny amounts but mostly exchanged for Roubles by Peacekeeper. Made use of to purchase from Peacekeeper. Bitcoin is mined using a rig, that is assembled in-game. Used to buy from Mechanic.

The …