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POE 3.8 Assassin - Cobra Lash, Hight DPS, High Shaper, Beginner's Friendly Budget

Welcome, This build is my first guide, and I hope this build maybe help some beginner. This build I have chosen two types of weapons to pick from claw or dagger. The claw variants generally do more damage but do not have poison proliferation. The poison proliferation will provide for better clarity, so pick your poison.

+ Fast clear speed
+ Safe with 60% attack dodge and high life pool
+ Good bossing with gem swap
+ Can do reflect map mods and cannot regenerate life/mana
+ Skill tree is "complete" at level 90
+ League Starter Viable! Very cheap to get started
- Can't do no leech maps
- Ramp up playstyle, not for everyone
- Though doable, not the fastest late-game boss killer

1. Mistwalker
2. Noxious  Strike
3. Toxic Delivery
4. Ambush and Assassinate

Kill all or Help Alira. I've chosen to kill all for every one of the builds because I feel the skill points are very precious. However, you can also save Alira if you value her b…