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Top 5 Popular POE 3.8 Hierophant Beginner's Builds Guides

1. POE 3.8 Hierophant - Glacial Cascade Totems Build
That is my first build guide produced for PoE along with the purpose of the guide is usually to share my make, my knowledge, and the points I learned along the way. This guide is extremely complete and interested readers can find data on anything from detailed gearing options to explanations of unique game mechanics.

As advertised, this build is capable of performing all current content in the game and I personally use this build as an attempted and correct league starter to progress by means of the story and comprehensive my atlas.

In POE 3.8, Added + Cold Gems to weapon priority. Retain a lookout for other international sources of +Cold Gems as things get found. Final Talent Tree updated - leveling trees are unchanged.

+ Doit all
+ Safe
+ Mind over matter
+ Beginner and league-starter friendly
+ Huge single target damage
- Totems are not for everyone
- Have not personally tested Hardcore
- Can't use a sp…