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Escape from Tarkov Weapon Presets Detailed Guide

Escape from Tarkov is a very popular FPS game recently. It is very important to modify firearms in the game. How to quickly modify firearms. There is a weapon preset system in the game to help players preset modifications. Let's take a look at Escape from Tarkov weapon presets system introduction, hope to help everyone.

I believe that many players have already unlocked the workbench, but are still buying accessories to change their guns ~ But this time-consuming and laborious may also buy the wrong accessories, but this version has updated weapon presets! In the weapon presets, you can use all the accessories to check the data in advance. Don't be afraid to buy the wrong one. You can also give your preset a cynical name and take more photos when you show your gun in front of others!

How to enter the weapon preset interface:

Method 1:
The PRESETS button in the lower right menu (this button can be found during any non-combat time).

After clicking, you can enter the preset interfac…

Escape from Tarkov Backpack Finishing Guide

In Escape from Tarkov, in addition to changing guns and running swords, various gameplay details are in place. Please see the Escape from Tarkov backpack finishing guide below, I hope it is useful to everyone.

1. The firearms can be taken apart and it will become a single row. As shown below

2. You can save 140-160W first and buy a Lucky Scav junkbox. You can put miscellaneous items, quest items, upgrade items, etc. as shown below.

3. In fact, not all guns you will like to use, so just keep your favorite. For example, if you only play the M4 series, then keep the AR series magazines, and the rest can be sold. As me only I may use the magazines and guns myself. At first, if you do n’t have much money and can't buy too many boxes, first collect the first necessary items.

4. When you have done the above, you can start working hard to complete the task. The task will send you a THICC item box and a THICC weapon box, so you can get one by one. So completing the task as soon as possibl…

Escape from Tarkov New Player Knife Run and Preparation Guide

Knife Run in Escape from Tarkov is the best way for new players to familiarize themselves with maps and accumulate early funds. Are there any routes that are suitable for new players to avoid risks? Let's take a look at the previous run of the new player knife run of  "Escape from Tarkov" shared by Eznpc.

New players mainly recommend maps in the early stages of the game: Customs (mission), Shoreline (knife run), Reserve(running map, but certain conditions are required, I will explain later)

Escape from Tarkov is a "make money" game. The definition of a game's victory is not whether you can escape, but how much you can take out if you escape, so for new players, the early-stage economy is very important. We found that many new players in the group are asking which picture to play in the early stage and what to do. We have responded uniformly here.

The most important thing for new players in the early stage of the game is to familiarize themselves with the ma…

Escape from Tarkov - Indoor Combat Considerations and Techniques

The valuable things in the Escape from Tarkov game are often hidden in the building. After entering the building, the fighting distance between players will be greatly reduced. What should players pay attention to in indoor battles? Please see the indoor combat precautions and techniques of "Escape from Tarkov" by Eznpc. I hope to bring some help to the players.

I believe that everyone has mastered the ability to initially accumulate funds, but many new players still have such problems: they already have good equipment and good guns, but they still come out for nothing; they can't beat other people 's good equipment and bring it Belt, creating a vicious circle makes new players timid.

In this article, I will talk about how to Escape from Takorv to conduct CQB operations indoors!

Before the game starts, let's introduce it. The so-called CQB basically includes various close-combat skills, gun equipment, equipment wearing, personnel formation, combat position, firep…

6 Hidden Rules Guide in Escape from Tarkov

A Russian game is on fire. Escape from Tarkov, a game with new gameplay and fun, has become popular all over the world recently. The experience of super hardcore games has been sought after by many players. In this way, a situation similar to the previous PUBG also appeared. Chinese players have gradually entered the game, so Xiuduo foreign players even called for the official blockade of the Chinese region.

But for many new players of Escape from Tarkov, the game experience is really bad, and sometimes they just disappear when they enter the game. In fact, this kind of situation is very common, because, in the game Escape from Tarkov, the birth point of the player entering the game is basically fixed, but due to the delay problem, the player enters the game in a different order, and the advanced players who preferentially enter the game will choose the birth point. Squat aside for a while, so that you have the opportunity to squat to the player who enters the game slowly, and then ki…

Escape from Tarkov Maps - Factory Detailed Guide

As a beginner, finding out Escape from Tarkov maps is generally a daunting challenge. Inside the final quick article, we introduced Escape from Tarkov The Lab map Guide in detail, so let's possess a appear at the Factory Guide.

In Escape from Tarkov, The Factory will be the smallest along with the most dynamic of all Escape from Tarkov maps. It functions many enclosed and semi-opened places with lots of elevated spots that market fast-paced, close-quarters engagements. Lore smart, the Factory was a chemical plant that was illegally rented out by the Terra Group. Later, when the  Escape from Tarkov conflict broke out, it was a stage of various BEAR vs USEC engagements. Just after the UN intervened, Factory's premises had been converted into civilian shelters. Now, these shelters are made use of mostly by Scavs and PMC operators that still dwell inside the city.

What would be Factory positions and Keys within the Factory map? Inside the Factory map, It has 9 critical positions o…