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Do you know 8 Catalyst in POE 3.9?

Path of Exile Catalyst is a new quality currency that can be used in rings, amulets, and belts. The above picture is before use, the following three correspond to three different catalysts, including elemental damage, life, and magic, resistance.

Catalyst is a new quality currency. Just like armor tablets can improve armor quality, sharpening stones can enhance weapon quality. The role of the catalyst is to improve the quality of rings, amulets or belts. When using other currencies to change the affix of this item, it will provide a set of additional affixes, but it will also consume this quality quantity. At least eight types are currently known.

The following are the five Catalyst that has come out of the Metamorph League, and three others have not been released for the time being, and follow-up will continue.

Intrinsic Catalyst
Adds quality that enhances Attribute modifiers on a ring, amulet or belt.
Replaces other quality types.

Turbulent Catalyst
Adds quality that enhances Elementa…