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POE 3.7 Berserker Hot Build - Cyclone, Friendly, Higher Survivability Develop Guide

I put this create collectively a couple days ago. The cost of all the gear, jewels, flasks, every little thing is significantly less than 1ex. I used this create to complete my 1st ever Red Elder and Shaper kills, only died when utilizing this create and it was just a stupid mistake on Shaper. This can probably be my league starter from now on. If there is interest within the build, I'll do a complete write-up, post a PoB, videos and invest currency to min/max also as show this Poe budget choice. If not, no harm no foul. I only took some recordings of me doing Red Elder/Guardians and Shaper for the examples for this post to determine if there was interest.

Fundamental Idea: Bloodseeker (along with other stuff) survivability + Zerker (as well as other stuff) DPS. If it can not one-shot you, and you may hit one thing, you cannot die. With up to 20+ APS that you are consistently obtaining substantial ticks from Bloodseeker (most important cause we are a Berserker). 

I know you…

POE 3.6 Raider Double Strike - Crazy Movement/Attack Speed Build and Guide

This is Raider Melee Skills - Vaal Double Strike Build. This time using Vaal Double Strike as my main skill for mapping and bossing. I know that there are plenty of ascendancies that could work better for this skill, but I wanted to make a Raider because of free Frenzy Charges/free Onslaught -> crazy movement speed and attack speed.

This could work on a budget if you go for the Champion/Juggernaut, but I guess it can be budget too for any other ascendancy.

Pros & Cons:
+ Huge single target damage.
+ +6K life with not that much of investment.
+ Can be way cheaper. 
+ Free frenzy charges/free Onslaught -> More attack speed/movement speed and chance to evade attacks during the Onslaught effect.
- Even with 6K life
- Besides you can go cheaper with this build
- You won't be able to do reflect maps


1. Way of the Poacher
2. Avatar of the Slaughter
3. Rapid Assault 
4. Avatar of the Chase

Bandits: Help Alira, Go for the 2 passive points

Major - Brine King
Minor - Ryslatha


POE 3.6 Occultist Bane - High Survivability, Beginner Friendly Build and Guide

This is a fast clearing, high survivability build that is cheap to gear. Relying on energy shield for defense means you don't have to worry about health or mana pots and allows you to focus on clearing.

Pros & Cons:
+ 10K Energy shield by end game pretty cheap.
+ Beginner Friendly guide with no clutter and Path of Building trees.
+ All Content build.
+ League Starter since it is pretty cheap and easy to self craft while leveling.
+ Cheap uniques and gear as you level.
- Can not run maps with no mana regen.

1. Wicked Ward
2. Vile Bastion
3. Profane Bloom
4. Malediction

Bandits: Kill all

Major - Soul of Lunaris
Minor - Soul of Garukhan

Gems Link:

Bane - Despair - Temporal Chains - Efficacy - Swift Affliction - Controlled Destruction

Blight - Infused Channeling - Efficacy - Controlled Destruction

Vaal Blight - Efficacy - Increased Area of Effect - Controlled Destruction

Discipline - Malevolence - Poacher's Mark - Enfeeble(20)

Weapon …

Cast When Stunned Discharge, POE 3.6 Scion Build and Guide

This build uses a combination of blocking and health regain to mitigate the incoming hits. Block recovery animation for blocking a hit that would stun does count as actually being stunned.

The playstyle is more-or-less shield charging everything and spamming Molten Shell. Otherwise, this build is based around the cast when stunned mechanic. The advantage of the cast when stunned overcast when damage is taken is two-fold: CwSt has a chance to trigger off every hit received no matter how small and it can be leveled to support other levels 20 gems.

Pros & Cons:
+ Fully functional CWST, fun to play
+ Can run the majority of modifiers very smoothly
+ Very good in laggy leagues cough

- Can't do elemental reflect
- Struggles with single targets that don't attack quickly. I've tried using Vaal Breach and this helps immensely, though this build has a slow cast speed so you want to start it before engaging the boss at all.
- Very much struggles with hight damage that doesn't hit. Ge…

POE 3.6 Juggernaut, Strong -All Content Viable, Molten Strike Build and Guide

This is Anti-HOWA stat build. The Following is POE 3.6 Juggernaut, Strong -All Content Viable, Molten Strike Build and Guide.

Pros & Cons:
+ Solid mapping speed (not a pro runner but fast enough)
+ Reliable boss killer (easy deathless uber elder, x6HP uber elder, 2 auls done)
+ Starter viable(cheap items)
+ can do all of the content presents
+ very tanky (13k effective hp, 6 end charges, energy leech, ES on hit, ES regen, 25% Att block)

-Endgame needs a lot of self-crafted self-synthesized items
-Shaper's touch is hard to obtain at very first days of the league so you will not be the first to farm shaper probably
-Problems with ele reflect maps and no leech+no regen together(can be rippy)
-Sufers from massive ele damage (like aul with a lot of extra ele damage)
-got to buy hundreds of RAGE essences


Undeniable - Unstoppable - Unflinching - Unbreakable

Bandits: Kill all

Major - choice is Arakaali
Minor - choice is Yugulor Shakari 

Main Skill:
1. Projectile Weakness
2. Immorta…