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POE 3.8 - Raise Spectre & Zombie Guardian Build, Easy, Fast, and League Friendly Guide

Guardian is a quite fantastic class for acquiring a Power shield as a result of the Radiant Faith ascendancy. This ascendancy makes it possible for us to gain a free flat energy shield along with giving it to allies. This develop is to Raise Spectre & Zombie Guardian guide, it has very good clear, great survivability and great single target. This creation is not going to be as complicated and expensive, but this build is pretty powerful at the same time, with higher investment numbers it can achieve are absolutely crazy, so I hope you will enjoy trying it out.

+ Got a crazily good buff in 3.8
+ Extremely high offensive and defensive boost
+ Very budget-friendly
+ Good clear speed and aoe
+ Extremely good defenses vs chaos damage
- No regen maps are very annoying to run
- Can't do ele reflect and no regen maps


1. Radiant Crusade
2. Unwavering Crusade
3. Radiant Faith
4. Time of Need

BANDITS: Kill all.

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