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What is the updated content for POE 3.8 gems?

The long-awaited POE 3.8: Blight starts right away, and the official update of POE 3.8 has been released. I believe many players already know the updated content. So now, let's talk about one of the most important issues for players: POE 3.8 new league new gems and reworked gems guide content.

Summon Carrion Golem
Summon a Carrion Golem that adds physical damage to your non-golem minions while active. The golem uses a series of slashes that increase in cost and can conjure up a cascade of bone spikes. The Carrion Golem deals more damage for each of your non-golem minions near it.

Cobra Lash
Hurl a deadly projectile that chains between enemies. Requires a dagger or claw. Cobra Lash as a quest reward for the Shadow, and as purchasable from Nessa for the Ranger and Scion, for completing Enemy at the Gate. It replaces Frost Blades for the Shadow.

Withering Step
Gain Phasing and Elusive, a buff that gives you a decaying movement speed bonus (replacing any other instances of Elusive on you…