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POE 3.9 Most Popular Build - Ice Nova Elementalist Budget

This build is Ice Nova Elementalist guide in POE 3.9. This build easily does all of these things and allows me to tackle whatever content I want without having to have dedicated characters for different tasks.
This build must be tanky enough to take an occasional big hit without dying. A build must also be able to kill bosses quickly and complete maps relatively efficiently. This build begins to come together very early on and with low tier gear you can very easy to get into white maps. Once you get some currency flowing you will quickly grow in power as you upgrade each piece of your gear. Most slots are very flexible early on making leveling much less restrictive. The only truly mandatory piece of gear is an enduring mana flask thus making this a pretty good option as a league starter. I hope some of you give this build a try as it really is a blast to play!

+ Tanky
+ Over 5 Mil Shaper DPS
+ Smooth Mapper
+ Easy Mid Level delving taken to around 300 so far
+ A…