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Do you know 8 Catalyst in POE 3.9?

Path of Exile Catalyst is a new quality currency that can be used in rings, amulets, and belts. The above picture is before use, the following three correspond to three different catalysts, including elemental damage, life, and magic, resistance.

Catalyst is a new quality currency. Just like armor tablets can improve armor quality, sharpening stones can enhance weapon quality. The role of the catalyst is to improve the quality of rings, amulets or belts. When using other currencies to change the affix of this item, it will provide a set of additional affixes, but it will also consume this quality quantity. At least eight types are currently known.

The following are the five Catalyst that has come out of the Metamorph League, and three others have not been released for the time being, and follow-up will continue.

Intrinsic Catalyst
Adds quality that enhances Attribute modifiers on a ring, amulet or belt.
Replaces other quality types.

Turbulent Catalyst
Adds quality that enhances Elementa…

What are the new items in POE 3.9?

POE 3.9 will be released on 12.13, and I believe many players are looking forward to it. Before the Path of Exile official has released the Conquerers on the Atlas trust information, let's take a look at what new items are available.

First, What new equipment is there in POE 3.9?Fury Valve

Requires Level 5+(20-30) to Dexterity25% increased Evasion Rating+20% to all Elemental ResistancesSkills fire 2 Additional Projectiles23% increased Projectile SpeedModifiers to the number of Projectiles instead apply to a number of targets Projectiles Split towardsA single act of anger travels countless paths of destruction.

Hands of the High Templar

Quality: +20%Armour: 145Energy Shield: 28Requires Level 66, 51 Str, 51 IntCan be modified while CorruptedCan have up to 5 Implicit Modifiers while Item has this Modifier151% increased Armour and Energy Shield12% increased maximum Life+25% to Fire and Lightning ResistancesThe laws of faith do not apply to its leader.

Leash of Oblation

Requires Level 49+(2…

POE MetaMorph Challenge League Detailed Guide

Yesterday, the latest content of POE has been released at the Path of Exile conference. Let's take a look at the latest POE MetaMorph Challenge League Detailed Guide.

Path of Exile: Metamorph League
In the Metamorph league, you'll meet a new NPC, Tane Octavius, a master alchemist who studied in Oriath. Exiled to Wraeclast for killing his teacher, Tane searches for what makes the "self", by using his learned alchemical knowledge to assemble monster essences. He hopes to find a cure, or perhaps just the source, for what he calls "the intrinsic darkness" that led to his unforgivable violence.

Build Your Own Boss
In each area you play in the Metamorph League, Tane will collect samples from selected monsters you have killed. Summon Tane to combine your choice of samples to create a formidable Metamorphic foe to defeat. Each sample contributes abilities to this boss, who wildly morphs from form to form during the encounter. With careful selection of samples, you co…