Escape from Tarkov Backpack Finishing Guide

In Escape from Tarkov, in addition to changing guns and running swords, various gameplay details are in place. Please see the Escape from Tarkov backpack finishing guide below, I hope it is useful to everyone.

1. The firearms can be taken apart and it will become a single row. As shown below

2. You can save 140-160W first and buy a Lucky Scav junkbox. You can put miscellaneous items, quest items, upgrade items, etc. as shown below.

3. In fact, not all guns you will like to use, so just keep your favorite. For example, if you only play the M4 series, then keep the AR series magazines, and the rest can be sold. As me only I may use the magazines and guns myself. At first, if you do n’t have much money and can't buy too many boxes, first collect the first necessary items.

4. When you have done the above, you can start working hard to complete the task. The task will send you a THICC item box and a THICC weapon box, so you can get one by one. So completing the task as soon as possible to upgrade the level can also save the money to buy the box. I unlocked the task for a long time when I had money. I did not spend any money on the box. I did not start saving until the task "hut" was completed. Buy a second THICC box except for the mission.

5. Tactical vests don't need to stay too much, you can check the auction. If the price is the same as if you lost Skier, you can directly discard Skier for cash. You need to buy it back again. It is the easiest way to save space by replacing the goods with cash in a timely manner.

6. Bags can be stacked, but only the bags are good. Don't pack the tactical vest and then stuff the grenades, so that you will get stuck or find things later.

7. This game also has: food box, medical box, ammunition box, ammunition box solution mission will also send several, so buy one in the early stage and temporarily use it.

8. Some boxes can be stacked.

9. Only the bullets that are better or favorite are left. The rest can be sold or discarded.


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