Most Handsome POE 3.6 Necromancer Raise Spectre Builds

Raise Spectre is a spell that summons a defeated enemy as an allied minion. In Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis, Raise Spectre has Mana Cost at gem level 1 is now 15 (was 21). Mana Cost at gem level 20 is now 28 (was 42).

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[PoE 3.6 Necromancer]Spectre Summoner Necromancer Build

By using Spectres you are effectively summoning real monsters to fight for you. They will use all attacks and spells they naturally have. As well as will become stronger with level. In order to summon the desired monster you need a corpse of this monster, target a corpse with "A" and press Summon Spectre.

Specters scale with a level of the "corpse" they were summoned from, so in order to get powerful specters, you will have to summon/resummon them in higher and higher level zones using Desecrate skill to recreate their corpses. I explained everything in the FAQ section below how to do it.
So. You will summon 4 strong Spectres who will obliterate screens and screens around, while you zoom across the screen with your Shield Charge. Literally, 1 minute clears.
For bosses, we will have 9-10 skeletons who will Taunt the boss himself and monsters around as well as Blind them on a hit and distract and annoy the hell out of everyone. And they don't need corpses too. And we don't care if they die... EZ PZ.

Pros & Cons:
+ safe across most content. Bosses of screening.
+ extremely fast for map clearing
+ around 70% potential Phys Damage Reduction (Basalt, Taste of Hate, etc)
+ decent regen
+ flexible can stack a lot of block chance if needed
+ great single target damage (around 3 million with Victario)
+ much better than Zombies as you don't need to constantly resummon specters, also you don't care if Skeletons die. So you effectively are Pain-Free.
+ can go Energy Shield and 5-6 specters too! Pogchamp!
- Not super high sustain as we are running Vis Mortis with no life on it (around 7K for Uber Elder).
- Specters are a pain to resummon if they die

Invoker, Soul Weaver, Commander of Darkness, Puppet Master

Bandits: Kill All

Major: Arakaali
Minor: Ryslatha

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

[PoE 3.6 Necromancer]Big DPS Summoner Raise Spectre Build

This summoner build focuses on scaling specter DPS as high as possible while still maintaining a decent amount of life/es and a fast clear speed. It starts off as a 5-chaos league starter and scales all the way to the endgame (Uber Elder farmer/600+ delver/40 challenges).

This build guide includes a full leveling walkthrough with the numbered passive tree for each act, videos on how to summon specters and a detailed breakdown on gear and gem links. I recommend Cannibal Fire-Eaters as they have the highest DPS of all specters. However, the build will work with all projectile spell specters, eg. Solar Guards.

Pros & Cons:
+ Cheap league starter (clear white and yellow maps with 5c)
+ Highest DPS spectre build - melt all bosses
+ 8k+ eHP (7k life / 1k es)
+ Fast map clearing: 185% movement speed
+ Can solo delve to 700+


1st: Invoker
2nd: Soul Weaver
3rd: Commander of Darkness
4th: Puppet Master

Bandits: Kill all

Soul of Lunaris - use this 99% of the time
Soul of Solaris - use this against bosses without adds, eg. Aul
Soul of Shakari - poison immunity
Soul of Yugul - use this against end game bosses with cold damage
Soul of Abberath - useful in delve when there is burning ground

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

[PoE 3.6 Necromancer] CI Spectre Summoner All Content Viable Build

Using historically good specters for single target damage (Tukohama's Vanguards) with new support gem for extra totems. After blog.

3.6 Update:
1) No changes to skill tree from patch notes (may need to adjust it once update will hit POB)
2) Small improvements to raise specter gem (mana cost reduced) and convocation (cooldown down from 8s to 4s)
3) No changes to ascendancy
4) No changes to minion stats
5) No changes to unique items used by this build
6) Extra totem on shield became shaper mod, but you don't need to use it unless you're going for memes
7) Major amount of new implicit have not been revealed yet, will update this part as soon as ES or minion related implicit will be discovered (onslaught on boots looks great though)
8) RIP Bone Helmet idea, because with 10-20% implicit it is not worth sacrificing 300-500ES (although with specter damage enchant it will be worth running in life versions)

Pros & Cons:
+ high single target
+ high EHP (around 11K ES around lvl 90)
+ decent build for new leagues (2 unique items) with some differences with good scaling to endgame
+ bad minion AI is not that big of a deal, because a lot of damage comes from their totems
+ with decent gear may start killing endgame bosses on very low levels (lvl 72 shaper kill/lvl81 uber elder kill in videos later)
– kinda slow clearspeed
– may become expensive while min-maxing
– Yokohama's vanguard playstyle is not everyone’s cup of tea (DoT damage, so no instant offscreen kills)

Bandits: kill all

Pantheon: Brine King(fully upgraded)/Aberrath(swap for Yugul(upgraded) for Aul and Uber Elder)

Ascendancy: Invoker-Soul Weaver-Commander of Darkness-Puppet Master

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

[PoE 3.6 Necromancer]Beginner's Guide Spectre Summoner Build

The build is going pure life which allows for life flask usage as well as having a Vaal Lightning Trap to help cope with the insanely tanky bosses as of patch 3.5.

Is this build for you?
1. If you are looking for an amazing Necromancer builds, that is not SRS, Zombies or AW.
2. A build that is not only viable in both hardcore & softcore but also Atziri.
3. Insanely high eHP with really good clearing speed that is NOT SRS or AW.
4. If you prefer a build guide that has a video linked to it.

Major God:
- Soul of Lunaris
Basically just helps with avoiding some projectile damage

Minor God:
- Soul of Ryslatha
Basically, just an additional layer of defense when you're on low life.

Kill them all, they provide us with nothing of value.

Rush Soul Weaver then takes Commander of Darkness and end with Mistress of Sacrifice for extra clear speed.

Gems Setup:
- Raise Spectre, Spell Echo, Minion Damage, GMP, Controlled Destruction, Elemental Focus
(Switch GMP for Slower Projectiles vs harder bosses)
Meatshields + Mobility:
- Raise Zombie, Fortify, Leap Slam (or Shield Charge), Faster Attacks
A curse on Hit:
- Ball Lightning(Ball Lightning Builds), Curse on Hit, Enfeeble,
- Flesh Offering, Vaal Haste, Increased Duration
- The purity of Fire, Clarity lvl 1 + Generosity - Anger
- CWDT, Immortal Call, Convocation

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:


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