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Item Type:
Mainly divided into weapons, equipment, currency, maps, gems, jewelry, fate cards and so on.

Item Rarity:
Weapons, equipment, and jewels have the rarity of items, which are ordinary, magic, rare, and unique.

Item Level:
The item level and the item's demand level are two different attributes.

Get Item Level:
After picking up the item, type /item level in the chat box.
On the trading channel, press ALT and move to the item
Move to the item and press CTRL+C, and find the notepad with CTRL+V to find Itemlevel:

Item level generation:
All skill gems have an item level of 1
The level of the item that the monster drops will be based on the level of the area.
  - Ordinary monster = regional level
  - Magic monster = regional level +1
  - Rare and strange, pass strange = regional level + 2
The item level of the quest reward is fixed.
The item level of the item sold by the merchant is different according to the difficulty.
The item level of the store recipe is usually the lowest item unless the formula has special modifications.
The reward item level of the competition is 100

Item Level Will Affect:
The affix of the item, the item level displayed in the second column of the affix database is the lowest level at which the affix is obtained.
Number of slots for items

Store Formula:
The rare items in the store recipe are exchanged for goods. It is also based on the item level, that is, all the rare items you have scored in the City of Sarn area level 61. The entire set can be changed to 2 Chaos Orb.

Relationship With Demand Level:
Item demand level must be dropped when the item level is greater than or equal to
At the item level 62, the Occultist's Vestment of the item demand level 62 is hit so the organic rate may be obtained by Shavronne's Wrappings.

Map Limit:
Some items also have item level requirements. For example, Andvarius has an item level of 71 or higher. It is necessary to have a map of level 69 to play rare or strange, or a map of level 70 to play magical monsters, or level 71. The map will drop.

Items Socket:
The slot on the equipment can be used
  - Chromatic Orb inventory icon.pngChromatic Orb: Reset the color of a Socket on an item
  - Jeweller's Orb inventory icon.pngJeweller's Orb: Reset the number of Sockets on an item
  - Orb of Fusing inventory icon.pngOrb of Fusing: Reset the connection of a Socket on an item

The maximum number of sockets on the equipment will be affected by the item level. The slot of the item will be affected by the item's own category, helm/glove/boots up to four sockets, one-handed weapons and offhand up to three sockets, two-handed weapons and body armor up to six sockets.
  - Item Level 1: 2 Socket
  - Item Level 2-24: 3 Socket
  - Item Level 25-34: 4 Socket
Item Level 35-49: 5 Socket
Item Level 50 or higher: 6 Socket

The current socket can be changed with Poe currency, and its new formula is:
  - Socket_info = "1:1:50 2:1:120 3:2:100 4:25:30 5:35:5 6:50:1"
  - The probability of six sockets is about 1/(50+120+100+30+5+1)=1/306=0.33%
Vorici Master can ignore the item level and directly generate the number of sockets higher than the item level.

Item Link:

  - As long as there is a socket, you can connect
  - Six consecutive items have a foolproof, that is, you will not be able to use Orb of Fusing to connect to other connections.
  - Four items are not foolproof, even on shoes, helmets, gloves

Item Modifiers:
Magic items with a random prefix and a random suffix. Rare items up to three random prefixes three random suffixes. Unique items are not limited by the number of suffixes. Rare items dropped from monsters must be four or more, only 2-3 affixes of rare items. Flask has only one random prefix and one random suffix because there are only magic items.

Some items have fixed affixes, such as Nailed Fist's +3 hits the replies to life, and fixed affixes are not limited by the number of suffixes. Affixes are also divided into regional and global affixes, regional affixes indicate attributes that affect only the item, and global affixes indicate attributes that affect the role. We will use T1~T7 to indicate the pros and cons of the affix, and T1 means the best affix, for example, X% of the dagger increases the physical damage (area). The level 1-73 ranges from 20 to 169. The Tyrannical is the T1 affix.

Item level affects affixes, such as the increase of dagger X% Physical damage (area) Level 1-73 Tyrannical T1 affix in range 20-169, must be greater than or equal to 73 to get. The same content of the suffixes will be merged. For example, Gold Ring has a fixed affix increase (6 to 15)% item rarity, and in the ring area of the affix table, there is a prefix to increase X% item rarity (global) level 20-62 range 8-24 and suffix increase X% item rarity (global) level 3-75 range 6-26, so the maximum value of his Gold Ring in rarity will be.

Each category in the affix table will only appear once, and the master will also comply with this rule when attaching affixes.

A compound affix is ​​a single affix with two attributes. For example, the prefix of the dagger has an X% physical damage (area), and the X point hit (area). The level 1-73 ranges from 10-80 3-135, indicating that the suffix has an increase of X. % physical damage and X point hit two attributes
  - The two attributes in the compound affix must be in the same interval, that is, if the suffix is ​​Emperor's, the item level must be greater than or equal to 73, and the attribute range of increasing X% physical damage must be 75-80, X The range of attributes for point hits must be 100-135
  - When the attributes in the compound affix are the same as the attributes of other affixes, the display will also be merged. For example, the prefix of the dagger increases X% physical damage (area), and the X point hits (area). Level 1-73 Range 10-80 3-135 Emperor's (Emperor's) and prefix increase X% Physical damage (area) Level 1-73 Range 20-169 When Tyrannical occurs, there may be a maximum increase of 249% Physical damage (area)
The same affixed T1 is not necessarily the same, for example, the +X maximum energy shield will be 136-145 in the head T1, but only 107-135 in the shield T1.


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