Path of Exile 3.7 Legion New Mechanics Guide

Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis is nearing completion, and the Path of Exile 3.7 new season Legion will be released on June 7, 2019.

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Path of Exile 3.7 Legion Core Content! Can show the season of operation

1. Melee attacks can take away A and then shake
2. The monster's attack action is reset, making it easier to avoid
3. All melee skills can attack multiple enemies (with pseudo-7-links - melee spread), and the hit rate is capped
4. A large number of skill stone resets
5. Double attitude enhanced aura, flexible switching
6. Increase in mobile skills and defensive skills
7. Powerful new equipment
8. Seasonal exclusive play, late chronicles will be detailed!

Next, We discuss Path of Exile 3.7 New Mechanics:

1. Skill animations can now be cancelled before or after the damage is dealt by moving or using another skill. This includes cancelling out of multi-hit attacks like Double Strike.

2. Skills can now be queued.

3. Dead enemies no longer continue to be targeted by namelocking until you release the skill. Holding down the skill will cause attacks targeting the enemy to automatically cancel and your character to lock onto to the next target you mouse over.

4. Namelocking is less precise. You will still name-lock if you slightly misplace the cursor.

5. Holding down a skill and then moving the cursor over an enemy will now target that enemy (but not name-lock onto them).

6. Wind-up time on movement skills removed. All movement skills now begin moving the character instantly. Spamming a movement skill will still cause a small animation to play between them, as on live (i.e. this won't buff travel speed with movement skills, only dodging).

7. Pathfinding and targeting have been made more consistent, preventing cases of repeatedly casting into a wall and some cases of getting stuck on collision.

8. Attacks can now have attack time multipliers, which slow down or speed up the attack's animation (and therefore also modify attack speed).

9. Skill ranges, hitboxes and damage timing have been made more consistent and clear.

10. "Single target" melee skills now hit multiple enemies in range of the swing. Weapon range scales this range.

11. Melee skills now have a longer base stun duration and cause stuns more easily. Spells have a shorter base stun duration. Physical damage (from attacks or spells) causes stuns more easily than elemental/chaos damage.

12. Chance to hit is no longer capped at 95%. Accuracy has been made more available and monster evasion reduced, so that 100% hit chance is feasible.

13. Older enemies that don't clearly telegraph their skills have been updated to do so, allowing more opportunity to dodge them. They also hit harder though.

14. More enemies have been given block chance. Monsters blocking will not completely prevent damage, but reduce the damage by a percentage. Player block mechanics have not been changed.

15. Some changes to bleed and poison are coming.

16. Baeclast's interview with Jonathan goes much more in-depth on all of these changes. If you don't want to listen to the whole thing, Ryant12 has written a summary here.


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