POE 3.7 Lightning Trapper Saboteur Build Guide

Lightning Spire Trap Lightning Spire Trap is your big cooldown trap, a very powerful trap that destroys tougher foes. It also gains increased critical chance against Shocked enemies, the same way Lightning Trap does. This is why using Vaal Lightning Trap Vaal Lightning Trap against bosses is very important since it leaves Shocked ground, which allows you to Shock even endgame bosses.

Currency Path of Exile Rates

Overall, the Lightning Trapper Saboteur is a type of build that specializes in throwing very hard-hitting lightning-based traps in order to clear maps and kill strong bosses. The build can also achieve a respectable life pool, while also relying on defensive mechanics like Mind over Matter, Acrobatics, and Phase Acrobatics for the additional dodge chance. If you want to read more other Poe 3.7 builds, you can visit Poe.ninja.

Pros & Cons:
+ Hardcore viable
+ Great boss killer
+ Decent clear speed
+ Very versatile when it comes to mapping mod
- Lacks life sustain if you do not make good use of the Pyromaniac ascendancy node

1. Chain Reaction
2. Pyromaniac
3. Born in the Shadows
4. Perfect Crime

Help Alira. The 2 passive skill points.

Major God - Soul of Solaris
Minor God - Soul of Ryslatha

Gear Guide:

Gems Setup:
Vaal Lightning Trap - Cluster Traps - Controlled Destruction - Trap and Mine Damage - Lightning Penetration - Pierce

Lightning Spire Trap - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction - Lightning Penetration

Shield Charge - Fortify - Faster Attacks - Bear Trap

Steelskin - Cast When Damage Taken - Enfeeble

Summon Lightning Golem - Purifying Flame - Culling Strike

Wrath - Zealotry - Precision

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/00ksjAMu

Skill Tree:



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