Special, POE 3.7 Necromancer Build For Raise Spectre Necromancer Guide

This specter summoner build is designed to give you good defenses, movement speed, and big DPS. It is a cheap league starter that can clear Shaper/Uber Elder. The build can also be scaled and customized to your own liking and playstyle.

poe fusing orb farming

The 'league starter' is for people who are new to PoE, specter summoners or are just interested in the build. With a modest amount of currency, you will have a character able to kill Uber Elder. It includes a detailed leveling guide, specter summoning guide with video, a detailed breakdown on gear/items/gems and basic crafting guides. 

The 'advanced' section is for people who enjoy this build and want to push it further: more dps/more defenses/different specters. It contains advanced crafting guides, information on using Animate Guardian, as well as alternate variants that have been submitted by other players. 

Pros & Cons:
+ High Damage Output
+ High Survivability
+ Fast Playstyle
+ Safe across most content.
+ Extremely fast for map clearing
- Summoner Playstyle
- Positioning is key and can be annoying at times
- Gem Slot Starved - mostly standard for Summoners


1. Invoker 
2. Commander of Darkness
3. Puppet Master
4. Soul Weaver

Bandits: Kill All

Major God - Soul of Arakaali
Minor God - Soul of Ryslatha

Gear Guide:

Gems Setup:
Raise Spectre - Minion Damage - Elemental Focus - Concentrated Effect - Spell Echo - Controlled Destruction

Animate Guardian - Empower - Vaal Disipline - Minion Life 

Armageddon Brand - Curse on Hit - Conductivity - Elemental Weakness

Zealotry - Generosity - Clarity - Vaal Haste

Flesh Offering - Increased Duration - Phased Run

Summon Stone Golem - Convocation - Flame Dash

Skill Tree:

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/vXFjAfxY



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