How to compete with others in Tarkov's Asian server?

Some time ago, Escape from Tarkov was very hot. And on major well-known games and self-media sites, there will be many reports about Escape from Tarkov. But such a game, after a wave of fire, why now this game makes many players find it difficult to survive, there is no way to compete with other players. These factors have caused many new players to lose their initial passion for the game. Today, let’s discuss- How to compete with others in Escape from Tarkov?

The first thing that many new players think of is the difficulty of the game. In fact, this factor also causes difficulties for many players, but for most players, the higher difficulty of the game may make yourself play the game a little harder. It does not make you unable to communicate with others in Escape from Tarkov competition. Thus, the difficulty of the game is not the fundamental reason for many players. What caused that in the game Escape from Tarkov, there was no way to compete with others. Read the following and you will find the answer you want.

First of all, in the entire game market, it is not new for more Asian players to open in FPS games. This is not difficult to see from the popular "PUBG" game. In this case, some players who like the game, to reduce the impact of these negative factors on themselves, instead chose a server other than the Asian service.

The emergence of this situation, coupled with the continuous outsourcing players calling for the lock area. Escape from Tarkov officials did indeed make the decision to lock the area. And because of the attitude towards VPN (accelerator) players (officially referring to players who use the accelerator VPN as "cheaters"), many players have returned to the Asian server again.

After a large number of players returned to the Asian server, the plug-in and lock ping situation became more serious. And the server pressure of Escape from Tarkov also became greater. In addition, to restrict cheaters, the official restrictions on low-risk and high-yield gameplay such as "knife running" in the game have further increased the difficulty of the game for Asian players.

These contents make it difficult for Asian service players to continue to survive in Escape from Tarkov. Therefore, for players who really love the game Escape from Tarkvo, you can buy Escape from Tarkov Roubles through the regular Site. Only in this way can we compete with others.


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